Back to School Dance Camp - August 2017

At the San Tropez Dance Center, your children will not just learn to dance; they will have fun doing it. Emphasis is on participation, team spirit, and improvement of social skills. In each exciting class they will try different dance styles on their own, in couples or in formations.  Dancing is a great activity by which your children will improve coordination, flexibility, musicality and their confidence.  By working with partners or as a team, your children will develop social skills that will prove invaluable in other facets of their lives. Here’s our info for summer break camps in our West Island location!

15% rebate if register by August 4th!

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Week 9; August 21st to 25th  

Bonus class August 28th and 29th at 50% off upon registration!


Age Group:

5-12 years



Hip Hop


Ballet Jazz


Arts and

Choreography presented on Friday



9am-9:45 am Dance Class
10am-10:45 am Dance Class
10:45am-11am Snack
11am-12pm Arts and Crafts
12pm-12:45 pm Lunch
12:45pm-1:30 pm Dance Class
1:45pm-2:30 pm Dance Class
2:30pm-2:45 pm Snack
2:45pm-3:30 pm Dance Class
3:30pm - 4:00pm Games and Freestyle Dance
Extended hours 4pm-6pm dance movies/games

$5 for every extra half hour from 7:30-8:30am and 4-6pm

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Register by August 4th,
and receive 15% off your first week!!
Sibling discount: 10% on the second child
** Only one discount can be applied




hipHop latinJazz latinSalsa artsCrafts

Hip Hop

Ballet Jazz Latin Arts & Crafts