One great Thank you and Welcome

I want to start off by first thanking Sonia Kyriacou for her belief in me in taking on this important role as President of San Tropez Kidz Dance Studio in the West Island.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be here as the newest member of the San Tropez family.  It is hard to believe that 17 years ago, I walked into San Tropez's downtown studio not knowing what to expect.  I never danced a day in my life and trust me when I say that I was shy and timid.  Fast-forward one year later though and you could not pay me to get off the dance floor.  The teachers in this studio made me believe in myself and I ended up making new friends and acquaintances (many of whom I still keep in touch with today).

You would think that many years later that things would just settle down...but not me.  I had the privilege of having one of San Tropez finest (Cornell Mannings) dance at my wedding.  Still not enough...years later my loving kids now became full time members of San Tropez Kidz in the West Island.  Looks like they have their father's genetic makeup!  I never forgot the day that Moris Alvarenga came up to my kids and said "You are here because of me!" with a big smile on his face.  Well you know what Moris, you are right!  Great teachers have great influences and you were one of the best.

As far as the business goes, I come to San Tropez Kidz in the West Island with renewed energy with aims in strengthening the kids program and to continue to provide a fun an excitement atmosphere to the adult classes as well.  I welcome your feedback and I hope to meet you all very soon.