Kids Birthday Parties

Let your child have a unique birthday with the San Tropez Team! They’ll dance the party away while doing a mini class filled with their favorite music and new dynamic games.

Please see reception for availability and pricing (Friday, Saturdays or Sundays).

Here are the themes available: 

We also have customizable packages.


    1. Animator for 2 hours

    2. 2 studio rentals for 2 consecutive hours

    3. 45 minute dance class (Latin/Hip Hop/Ballet/Jazz)

    4. Music and games

    5. Invitations (enveloppes not incl.)

    6. Decorations

    7. Juice for kids and coffee for parents

    8. Set up/Clean up

    9. Themes available

    10. 12 kids included


    1. 1 studio rental for 2 consecutive hours

    2. Invitations (enveloppes not incl.)

    3. Decorations

    4. Juice for kids and coffee for parents

    5. Set up/Clean up

    6. Themes available

    7. 8 kids included


Diva Birthday parties are perfect for girls who want to party like celebrities! The party will be made up of fun-filled girly activities, which will guarantee a memorable, glamorous event!


Every little girl dreams about being a princess! Having a princess themed birthday party will allow every girl to live their dream.


Hawaiian themed birthday parties are a fun and exotic way to celebrate a child’s birthday! What better way to celebrate than by creating a tropical paradise?


Every child dreams about being a super hero! Whether it is Super Man, Spider Man or Wonder Woman, a Super Hero party will give wings to your child’s imagination!


What better way to celebrate your child's birthday with the Disco style? Games and music will keep children amused and busy while they learn without even noticing it!



None of our themes clicked for you? Not a problem! We can discuss together about a custom-made proposition that will fit perfectly in your child’s dream!



    1. Extra large Pizza (16 slices)


    2. Loot Bags

    3. Birthday Cake

    4. Piñata