About Us

You will find at San Tropez Dance Center a wonderfully talented group of dance teachers. The education, training and experience of each of our teachers provide your child with a unique dance experience while delivering fun, challenging classes that engage and develop the whole person — mind and body. Dancers progress through our well-developed San Tropez curriculum. Progress is monitored with class-specific, skill-based checklists.

  • Philosophy

    We strive to have an enriching class for everyone. Regardless of age, skill level, experience, shape, size or background, we help each student discover the dancer within. We emphasize a friendly, non-competitive environment and give personalized attention to all of our dancers by limiting class sizes. Opportunities for challenges increase as dancers get older (see Teen program below).

  • Kids program

    Dancers start by learning the basics of creative movement with classes that engage not just their bodies but also their minds and creative spirits. From there, opportunities expand to include ballet, hip hop, jazz, latin and more.

  • Teen program

    As our dancers progress, we give them additional avenues for demonstrating their skill and passion for dance. With the San Tropez Company, our teen dancers get a rich experience filled with challenging and sophisticated choreography that is showcased in their own annual performance -- along with tons of fun and camaraderie. Our teens can earn credit toward class payment while working and learning as helpers in our classes as assistant instructors.
  • Personalized Recommendations

    The key to an enriching dance experience is proper class placement based on experience, skill level and age. That's why we put a lot of energy and expertise into giving personalized recommendations to each and every one of our dancers, new and returning.

  • Performance opportunities

    At the annual June Spring Performances, dancers get the opportunity to perform a routine with their class on a big stage with a professional stage crew, lights and music. And teens get to be part of the extremely popular San Tropez Company (see "Teens program" above).

  • Professional customer service

    We pride ourselves in providing responsive, professional customer service. We focus on being highly communicative and flexible, and we work hard to resolve any issues that arise.

  • Facilities

    At our main location, we have more than 5,000 beautiful square feet, including three large, well-maintained wood dance floors. In our expansive lobby we have a coffee bar, free WiFi, and air conditioning, as well as toys and books for younger siblings in their own “Kids Café” lounge area.