1 San Tropez Dance Center


At the San Tropez Dance Center, your children will not just learn to dance; they will have fun doing it. Emphasis is on participation, team spirit, and improvement of social skills. In each exciting class they will try different dance styles on their own, in couples or in formations.

Dancing is a great activity by which your children will improve coordination, flexibility, musicality and their confidence.

By working with partners or as a team, your children will develop social skills that will prove invaluable in other facets of their lives.


San Tropez Summer dance kids show

The San Tropez Dance Center is a training ground for students, ages 2-15, who are interested in exploring various dance styles.

Client Testimonials

  • Spent my 33rd Birthday with a wonderful group of ladies last saturday enjoying a Diva Day at San Tropez. It was an amazing experience, a tasters menu for dance lovers. The teachers and lessons were hot and spicy. I will definitely do it again.

    Lory D.
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  • I am taking Salsa classes at San Tropez Dance school ! It s so much fun !!! They have an amazing deals : unlimited month for 89$ so you can dance 6 days a week and have free practice upstairs at the club :) I wish i had that much free time LOL but 4 times a week is great for me! Instructors are fun and easy to follow. Join me and let s have fun!

    What do our Customers saying about us?
  • Great dance class on Friday! Feel so refreshed!

    What do our Customers saying about us?